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Lincoln MKX for Sale on Vancouver Island

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A black Lincoln MKX

You can’t simply be defined by one aspect, a single side of you. Your life encompasses many facets of interests and goals, and anyone who thinks they can chalk you up to a label is sorely mistaken. Your work, home, and even social life are but parts to a grander whole that makes you what you are. Your vehicle isn’t just something you drive—it’s an extension of yourself that enhances your complex lifestyle, making the hard things easier, while giving you the right kind of luxury and comfort you know you deserve. That's something you'll discover while searching for a Lincoln MKX for sale on Vancouver Island, and you'll find it and much more at Suburban Lincoln. The Lincoln MKX not only answers your call for something superior that can deal with the unexpected, all the while providing you with exquisite refinement. The MKX, like you, doesn’t adhere to just one purpose. Any vehicle can take you to your destination, but the MKX does it in style, in addition to providing you with the adaptability, functionality, and advanced technological features that take you several steps further than convention expects. This is a crossover SUV you can feel proud to drive, on your own terms. Elegantly crafted, the MKX radiates with ingenuity you can feel, just waiting to be discovered. As soon as you slip into the driver’s seat, you will feel a quiet touch of confidence wash over you. Designed to inspire extraordinary drives and exceptional experiences, the MKX influences you in ways that are both liberating and empowering. Forge ahead on the path you make for yourself with the vehicle that, despite its refined appearance, plays by the rules every bit as little as you do. The Lincoln MKX begins its bold statement with an exterior that sports sweeping lines and elegant contours that elevate your element on the road. Enhance your command of the road with available jewel-like LED headlights and accent lighting, among other exterior options that make for an even more striking impression. On the inside, a variety of delightful details can be customized to your personal liking, from aluminum accents on the instrument and door-trim panels to a heated steering wheel for those colder driving weather days. Make every drive something to remember—drive the Lincoln MKX.

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Refinement in Every Detail

Your driving experience isn’t just about a powerful engine under the hood, or exceptional handling at the wheel—personal comfort plays as much a role as performance. The Lincoln MKX offers available 22-way multicontour front seats that will make every journey a dream. As soon as you relax into your leather-trimmed, Standard heated and available ventilated front seats, you’ll be reluctant to step back out, beginning every drive with the anticipation of an exhilarating experience. Find your next Lincoln MKX for sale on Vancouver Island with the professionals at Suburban Lincoln.

All-Around Vision

Field of vision is extremely important, especially considering there are always blind spots you need to consider. With the available 360 Degree Camera Manoeuvre feature, those blind spots become a relic of the past as you enjoy a complete view of your surroundings at low speeds. With four cameras on the front, rear and sides that merge to provide you with a bird’s-eye-view of your vehicle’s surroundings, extremely helpful with tight corners and navigating parking spots, further enhanced by the front 180° split-view camera which boosts visibility in cross-traffic situations and intersections.

The Sound of Your Own World

A good drive goes hand in hand with good music when you drive a Lincoln MKX in Vancouver Island. For the best in high-end stereo experience, opt for the available Revel® Audio System. Designed with Quantum Logic Surround (QLS)™ sound that eliminates the smearing effects common in traditional surround-sound systems, you can immerse yourself in your music without distraction. Featuring 13 speakers (19 for the Revel® Ultima™ Audio System) engineered to perfection with the distinct listening modes (stereo, audience, and onstage), your auditory environment reaches a new level of listening experience.

Exceptional Performance - Discover the Lincoln MKX for Sale on Vancouver Island

The road may take you to many different places, and the Lincoln MKX is ready for it all with a brilliant combination of power, efficiency, and quietness. Equipped with the available 2.7L GTDI V6 engine, the road is yours to conquer with 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Topped with an impressive fuel efficiency rating of 9.8 L/100 km (29 mpg) highway, you’re set to go further with fewer stops. Re-experience the thrill of the drive with the Lincoln MKX.

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The team at Suburban Lincoln sets out to provide you with an experience that stands out and addresses all your modern driving needs. Talk to us about financing options, our services, and all the amazing opportunities that await you at the best dealership for Lincoln models on Vancouver Island. We’re pleased to be able to provide you with a variety of options and the experience that stands out and earns you peace of mind thanks to our dedicated team and our fantastic facilities. No matter which vehicle you’re after – you’re going to find the responsive and friendly professionals at our store ready to make your time with us even better. Let’s get you back on the road with the match you’ve been looking for – today – at Suburban Lincoln! Call us and speak with a representative at (250) 475-2255 or stop by our store located at 3377 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3L4.

Stephen Freisinger is the best customer service rep I have ever encountered in my many years of owning cars. He is unfailingly helpful, understanding, knowledgeable and informative. He always goes the extra mile cheerfully and efficiently. I will continue to purchase my cars from this dealership just because of Stephen. In this busy world, it is a pleasure to encounter a professional like Stephen.

Lynda S.

Amazing Service! Couldn't be more grateful! Cole and Colin went out of their way to let us know that a specific car was just traded in that they thought would be beneficially for our lifestyle, it ended up being perfect! Thank you! They totally respected our budget - THANK YOU! Cole, Colin and Nathan were absolutely amazing, so helpful, and we are so happy with our Escape. My husband and I would recommend you 3 and the Suburban Motors team/dealership to absolutely anyone. You'd be crazy to go elsewhere :) THANK YOU AGAIN GENTLEMEN! :)

Care F.

Great people, no hard sell or you have to buy today because. I have not bought a new car for 14 yrs. and was not looking forward to it but the staff at Suburban were most accommodating with a let us help you not let us sell you attitude. Happy owner with a no stress experience.

Stan Z.